Do-It-Yourself Government

Of the People

Our Congress should have limits on terms so that regular people who are patriotic and connected to the people that they represent get a chance to serve. No one should be able to make a career out of being in Congress.


Each law that is made should be only related to a single subject and not have unrelated items attached to it. If it cannot be typed on ten pages, its too long.


Congress should not be a law factory. The idea that creation of more laws is the proof of a good legislative branch is false.


Legislation should be the full and detailed extent of the law. Beaurocrats should not have the ability to define what a law means through the regulation writing process.


Stick to the Constitution. It is fine the way it is. The Federal Government needs to retreat and shrink so that its proper role and limits are respected and the sovereignty of the states is respected, as per the 10th amendment.


Judges should be subject to recall or dismissal by the voters. Its not right for so few appointed people to have such unlimited power. Legislation "from the bench" by activist judges is abuse of power.


All elected or appointed officials need to publish proper identification prior to their election / appointment. Where State electoral officials are involved, they need to be accountable to the people of that State to verify that the individual is qualified to serve.



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