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Obama illegally FIRES an Inspector General for uncovering corruption! Is this the 'more Openess & Transparency

Two weeks ago, Gerald Walpin, U.S. Inspector General, charged with protecting taxpayer money, was illegally fired, and you haven't seen or heard one peep from BIG MEDIA. Less than two years ago, Obonga sponsored legislation, that was passed into law, that; "The president must give 30 days notice, and must inform congress why this person is to be fired". An Obonga goon squad member phoned Walpin and said "You have 1 hour to resign, or you will be fired". What did Walpin do to be fired? He uncovered corruption in how stimulus money was being spent. One case involves an Obonga crony, and 'hoops buddy', Kevin Johnson, mayor of San Diego. The other involves a New York university. This week and last, we heard *NON-STOP* coverage of the REPUBLICAN governors that cheated on their wives. Is this news? Yes. Is it more important than Gov't corruption that goes as high as the White House? No. And how ironic is it, that it was a law that he got passed, that the new president broke. I don't know which is worse, a deceitful, dishonest, corrupt president, or BIG MEDIA that does ANY & EVERYTHING they can to protect & prop this usurper up. The media is supposed to be the watchdog of the people, not protector of crooked Gov't. BTW, Where's the Birth Certificate?



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