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Obama ellicit a national awreness discussion on The State of Our Democracy

The systems that are supposed to make our democracy the best in the world are failing us. That is why the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) was passed about 10 years ago, supposedly to fix certain problems. We now know that it was an utter boondoggle which pushed the country towards electronic voting, an outrageous "failure of the imagination."


We need to take pride in the working of our democracy again and to do that we, the citizenry as a whole, need to understand the multiple systems which are required to making the concept of democracy work.


One of the primary systems is news and opinion, without which we can't have an informed public. But the nuts and bolts of democracy are systems that protect ballot integrity, that allow ballot access, that allow 3rd parties to participate in presidential debates, that provide campaign funding transparency and some form of public campaign financing, that allow early voting, voting by mail, same day registration, instant runoff voting etc., all the way to issues such as the re-enfranchisement of felons who have done their time and are trying ro reassimilate into society, and making Voter Tuesday a national holiday. Even the right to vote isn't Constitutionally guarranteed, as we discovered in the Supreme Court decision which put Bush in office after the Florida debacle in 2000.


Our democracy is our proudest heritage as Americans but it is not working well. Let's have a national discussion about it so we can pull together the brainpower to fix it up.



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