Making Government Operations More Open

Obama don't forget notes

By David Craig Mastrianni

© 2009



Don't forget to give ACORN 2 BILLION dollars for causing me to win as president. Thanks ACORN for all the voter fraud. By the time the truth comes out I will be the leader of the New World Order.


Promise ACORN another 2 billion if the get me re-elected in 2012. Be sure to tell them to allow anyone from any country to vote.


Send stimulus money only to cities that voted for me. Lie to all cities and states that expect money for not voting for me.


Thank Governor of Hawaii for producing certificate of live birth for me. Thank her by taking over Delta airlines, and forcing Delta to merge with Hawaiian Airlines.


Tell China president that I will trade secret military technology in exchange for paying off a few billion in debt to china.


Tell Iran it’s ok to produce nuclear energy for fuel, even though they are floating on a sea of oil. Lie to Israel about protecting them.


Use campaign funds to pay for legal expenses to protect where I was really born, my school records, etc. Check to see if it’s legal to do it, but do it anyway.


See if there is anyway we can increase the number of abortions in America. Send tax payer funds to other countries for abortions.


Practice looking in mirror and tell myself, “it’s ok to lie to infidels.” Click my heals three times, wiggle my ears once, kiss the mirror, do an about-face spin. Smile.


Remind the devil that he promised me the leader of the New World Order by the end of my first term or by the end of my second term.


Snub French president because he wants to be the leader of the New World Order. (It’s MINE!!! MINE!! MINE!!)



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