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Obama birth certificate is important for other crimes, but not necessary to remove him from office.

Obama, by his own admission, read his books, his father was a Kenyan by birth, died a Kenyan; and was always a Kenyan.


Therefore, his birth could at best could only have bestowed US Citizenship on him; that is if his mother had the capacity to do so, because of her age at the time of his birth to make that happen; it would not have mattered where he was born, whether he was born in Hawaii, Canada, or Kenya, in the case of Kenya or Canada she would have been required to record the birth with the US Embassy or Consulate to make it effective.


Assuming he is a US Citizen by birth, or naturalized, let consider the rest of this issue.


The crux of this matter lies in the United States Constitution, and the Magna Carta (law of nations), where it is spelled out in Article II of our constitution. Article I Section 8 gives congress the right to determine naturalization of applicant for US Citizenship; but, specifically excludes congress from determining who is a “Natural Born Citizen” the being left intact as the framers had intended. I am attaching a document that summarizes the Natural Born Citizen” status; I could not have written it better, and I urge you and your fellow Senators to read it very carefully.


When I look at this issue I use the analogy that my father was born of parents, one a US Citizen and the other an Italian Immigrant, and not naturalized until after my father’s birth; therefore my father was a US Citizen at birth because his mother was a US Citizen and had the capacity to bestow citizenship, but my dad was not a “Natural Born Citizen” by birth because of his father was a un-naturalized immigrant and therefore dad could never have been president or vice president of the United States. Following on with that analogy when I, and my brother, were born both of us were “Natural Born Citizens” because both of our parents were US Citizens at the times of our births; therefore either one of us could be president or vice president of the United States; as long as we met the age requirement.


I watch as Obama, continues to hide all of his vital statistics and has spent over a Million Dollars to date to keep them sealed; and this is on top of the many lawsuits which have been filed against him wanting to see his long form birth certificate, which is not the one posted on the internet and the subject of much controversy because it has been deemed a forgery by document specialists who have no ax to grind in this matter other than to see justice done.


I use the average man legal approach to rationalizing issues and when I see smoke, I am pretty convinced there is more to the issue than what has been presented. In this case there is not only the “Natural Born Citizen” issue, but also many other issues that eventually will come out. This man is an interloper and usurper of the 1st degree; and you heard it hear first.


US Attorney Taylor, of the US Attorney’s Office in DC resigned this weekend; Taylor has been sitting on Quo Warranto which should already been served on Obama two months ago; the attorney who filed the Quo Warranto has now re-filed with interim US Attorney Phillips, I believe let’s see how long he sits on it before it is served if ever. Too much cover up and complicity in the nation’s capital.


You can factcheck, snopes, and twitter this to death they have nothing unless they are willing to support their assumption under the penalty of perjury; which I would always be willing to do if I were presenting evidence.


I know many people in government probably are already well aware of Obama's ineligiblity; but are frightened about civil unrest or riots should he be removed from office. To them I say, let that happen that's why we have the police, national guard and if needed the military. Those that have knowledge should have done something about this issue before the elections and did nothing, so they are complicit in the cover up and the results therefrom. It is more important to save the United States Constitution than the reputations of those complicit in this matter.



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