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No To Obama's Healthcare Reform

The so called public option insurance will raise cost of private insurance leading to people choosing Government care thinking it will cost less. Yet it has to be payed for and in Countries with Nationalize Healthcare Systems middle class income taxes range from 50% to 60% and their healthcare systems are still broke causing rationed care.

I don't think American's want rationed care.

Medicare waste $1 to every $3 dollars it spends this cost taxpayers over 70 billion a year. I don't think that is a plan worth expanding.

In the UK at any given time 700,000 people are on waiting list for Hospital Admission, with some 50,000 canceled each year. Over 90,000 in New Zeland await treatment. In Sweden waiting time for Heart Surgery can be up to 25 weeks, hip replacement a year. Results of these waiting list are people die or live in pain for months or years. I don't think Americans want that kind of care.

REAL HEALTHCARE REFORM should empower the consumer not the Government Bureaucrats.

Two proposals that would go a long way towards lowering health-care cost and increasing access. One would be to change the tax treatment of health insurance so that individuals who purchase their own insurance receive the same tax break as those who receive employer-provided insurance. By breaking the link between employment and insurance we can ensure that insurance is personal and portable. People could take it job to job. At the same time, because people would be directly purchasing their insurance, and therefore directly confronting the cost, they would become much more cost-conscious in their health care spending. Second, one of the best health-care proposals by Rep. John Shadegg's is to allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines. State mandates and regulations drive up the cost of health insurance. Consumers should be allowed to shop for insurance in states with less costly regulatory regiemes. Those two steps can be done immediately without raising taxes. Also looking into Health saving or Health status Insurance would go far more to saving taxpayers and lowering healthcare cost without rationed care.

Healthcares need to be in the consumers hand. The problem today is that someone else is paying and the industry is over utilized because of it. Also part of the industry could be deregulated to give advantages to consumers and Doctors which could cut cost.

Healthcare lobbyist between 1999 and 2006 spent more money then any other business to lobby Congress and more regulation passed that put money in their pockets at the expence of consumers. I say deregulate the industry and let free market drive cost.



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