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Nationalize the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is a private corporation owned by a consortium of private banks. The owners are the infamous "international bankers" who have controlled western money for many centuries and who financed all sides of every war since the middle ages. Federal Reserve Notes ar enot really money, they are notes, debt instruments. The notes are loaned to the Unuited States at full face value plus interest. The interest is paid by the personal income tax. This makes every American taxplay a slave to private banking intersts. It is time to end that economic slavery.


Nationalize the Federal Reserve. Call is the United States Reserve. Issue United States Notes, debt free money created by the US government. Let banks that are now members of the Federal Reserve join the United States reserve and borrow as they do now from the Fed. Let the interest on that pay for the costs of govrenment and government programs instead of it enriching the bankers, who do nothing for the money except manage the debt scam. Take it over!



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