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National Authority for defining Standards for All Energy Certifications...

We as a nation, have the cart before the horse as we delve into sustainable forms of Green Energy and the use of other energy sources.

The problems come when these systems fail, cause harm, or are not effective, but sold anyway. I believe the US government should establish a system of Authority through the Department of Energy, setting up a system which will detail how standards are determined, how often they are reviewed, how the scientists determine scales of importance in production, decay, quality, and other characteristics necessary to determine the best means to manufacture and design systems that produce meaningful advantages. This entity should be called, NITREOUS for the National Institute of Technology of Energy Organizations, Utilities, and Services. This Institute will use its Authority to provide the certifications necessary to make National products safe, ensure characteristics are accurate and uniform, measure, test, and determine the decay rates and usable lifetimes of products, identify cautions and dangers to store, use or install systems and determine criteria for all licensing of national builders and manufacturers for energy products.



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