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"" --> Customized to What Affects YOU

When you create an employment profile at, an email-alert will be sent to you when it finds a federal job vacancy that matches your profile. You don't do the job searching -- the job vacancy "finds" you.


But we should create a broader system -- "" -- that looks over ALL those government proposals (e.g., policies, programs, projects) that match what YOU indicate would be of interest to YOU. And when there's a match, you get an email about it. For example:


Is a new highway exit being proposed near you? --> alerts you about the public hearings.


Does someone want a wind-turbine close by? --> tells you about the permit application.


A regulation proposed that would affect your business? --> sends you the public notice.


Every one of us has special interests in certain things that our government does (or might do). Therefore, we need to set up a modern notification system ("") that sends an email-message when YOUR special interests might be affected by a specific government proposal.


Actually, there IS a "notification system" that's been around for decades. It's called the "Federal Register", but it does a poor job of notifying the average citizen about public proposals and plans of the U.S. government.


Every week, the Federal Register publishes hundreds of public notices from federal departments and agencies asking the public (that means you) to give them feedback on their proposals for doing their govt. work. But even though the Federal Register is now online, it can takes hours every day to determine if any of it might affect you.


And that is why we need "" -- the customized government portal to YOU.



Stephen Buckley


P.S. "" would be similar to the "MyRegulations" concept being considered under (but it would be limited to *regulations*, not actual projects like highways, bridges, wind-turbines, etc.).



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