New Strategies and Techniques

"Media Dome" + Interactive Displays of Public Intelligence + Public Input for Decision Support

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Imagine them all combined into a public theater

(though these examples would be expanded to a much greater degree of

"local-to-global animated knowledge-mapping")


The public is given animated demonstrations/animated data visualization,

and exciting 3-D demos (and given chances to navigate independently) on a

variety of issues going on in their city, and how it impacts them.


They provide input on what they have witnessed, and what they would like

done about it, or what might be possible for them and others to do about it.

This may require multiple day sessions, depending on the issue.


A program is designed that includes the input given by participants.


The input is then animated and played in the Geo Dome.


This would reveal how much money is needed to make the input a reality,

and how it would impact individuals, and the overall city.


Include mobile text messaging into this process of obtaining and sending input.

And this will allow people who don't own 'smart phones' to participate. Providing

temporary 'smart phones' at the theater demo is also an idea.


Video Examples: (from



Jason Liszkiewicz

Executive Director (NYC)

Earth Intelligence Network (501c3)

Public Intelligence in the Public Interest



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