Make the President and Congress live like we do

If we are to have socialized medicine forced down our throats, then it should also be good enough for Congress and the President to use. Congress and the President have the best health care plans money can buy. I'm sure they're very happy with their plans, but I think they should be made to live just like the common citizens they represent. If socialized medicine is good enough for us, then that's what they should have, complete with a health care czar that will tell them no when they need life saving surgery.


Do you notice how Congress and the President eat better meals than we do at our expense? It's time Congress and the President started eating stale bologna just like the rest of us working schlubs have to do! If stale bologna is good enough for us, it's more than good enough for them. Or perhaps we should start demanding wag yu beef subsidies? Perhaps we should start demanding we be served lunch in the Congressional dining facilities for free? What's good enough for the government is good enough for us! We should demnad it! Either that, or bring them down to our level. After all, isn't socialism about fairness?



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