Make congress and senate an even political party member of numbers

It is not fair to the people of the United States to have one house have a majority in democrats or republicans to pass votes on issues that will have an impact on the entire country. Each branch should have the exact same number of members from each party. If one party member wanted to vote on an issue from another party then that would be fine, but at least it would be fair and balanced. As it is now there is nothing fair about this process of having no checks and balances like our founding fathers wanted. I have watched C-SPAN with actual debates and things that sound like it would save the American people a lot of money are just thrown out because the other party has majority and is more into the issue than the one party. Take global warming or universal health care. The majority of the republican party does not consider this a valid issue to tax people on, while the democratic party doesn't care if people are taxed on it, but since they are in majority they always win, even with some democrats voting on the side of the republicans.



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