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Make Immigration process transparent

HI !! I think government should make immigration process transparent. I don't understand why a super power like US would have an immigration system in which you wouldn't know when you will get your case processed. One month we receive a newsletter saying that EB2 and EB3 categories are current for India and the next month it goes back 4-5 years or becomes unavailable for the rest of the year. Why can't we have a transparent system where USCIS would give details - these are the total number of greencards we can give this particular year and this many applications we received !! You are at number X so you have to wait for Y number of days before you can get your particular stage processed (be it Labor, I-140 or 485). The status on your case on USCIS's website is also not detailed. It says - we have received your case and it's pending. It would really help if we can get something more in detail from USCIS. Thanks !



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