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Dear Mr.President,


Good Day !


First of all I would like to thank you for giving chance to participate in your blogs for giving the idea for making open policy. I am an Indian, resident of United Arab Emirates(U.A.E.)morethan 14 years. I would like to recommend the following changes which would be beneficial to your country as well as your people.



1. Cut down the military funds for mobilization of troops otherthan your country.


2. Give more power to UN and NATO jointly to interfere other countries activities instead of your country's direct involvement in order to stable other countries civil war or war between countries. Of course your country can help to other country according to the request of UN/NATO and they must pay for that once the country made stable. The same funds can be utlized for the needy countries for childrens education and food programme.


By way of doing the above your country's tax payers will be satisfied as they are giving the money for the development of their own country.


3. Reduce the employees tax and collect more from the corporate side.


4. Withdraw all your troops from various countries and keep in your country to protect for internal security ofyour country as and when required. Since, currently some countries/individual group exepect/wants to disturb your economy by way of spending huge amount for military operation in various countries.


5. Invite more migrant wherever not developed the area. So that it will be helpful your country to develop in various state which would boost your economy. Of course by considering the country's protect ofimmigration law.


I mean to say some areas (where your country's people doesn't like) can develop with the help of unskilled/skilled workers of other countries,if you reduce the step of migration.


6. Your country's people should not exceed a certain limit of investment to other countries similar to UAE Policy, in order to reduce the outflow of your country's funds. The same time attract more investment and business oppoprtunities in retail section morethan the corporate level. So that your economy will always stable.


Reduce the depedency of the huge corporate firms and increase more semi larger size companies with giving a lot of attractive tax schemes. So that the company's bankruptcy will not effect much worst then ever seen in your country's few larger firm.


7. We all believe that you know others difficulties since you have already came accross these areas in your life. It means that surely you can deliver the result according to the expectation of your countries people (as common people).


Wish you all the best.


With best regards,


Mullassery Kunjumon Rajmohan (Internal Auditor- Dubai based Group of Companies)

P.O.Box 7851, Dubai, U.A.E.

Mobile :+97150 6571663

Residence Tel : +9714 8850085



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