Local forums to implement high-speed networks (broadband)

Municipalities and regions undertaking projects in high-speed

networking be encouraged to create online forums that:


* Post regional maps showing the demographic features, geographical

features, patterns of network use, and technological facilities

relevant to the project


* Accept proposals, provide comment and rating systems, and run polls


* Provide public terminals and low-bandwidth versions of data, so that

people who are currently on the disadvantaged side of the digital

divide can offer input to help cross that divide


* Are supplemented by face-to-face gatherings


* Collaborate with newspapers and with television and radio news

programs to publicize proposals, meetings, and opportunities for

public comment


* Create visitor accounts, perhaps with validation procedures for

determining local residence, and allow visitors to identify their

expertise and credentials


* Provide tools for mapping proposed facilities and for calculating

the reach, bandwidth, and costs of proposed facilities


* Provide data about ongoing deployments in standardized, open formats

on maps and in downloadable form


The federal-level initiative can support these efforts by:


* Mandating the types of information that participating municipalities

and companies should provide, such as the capabilities of current

facilities, statistics on current usage, demographic information such

as income and connectivity on a neighborhood basis, and detailed

implementation plans with measurable milestones


* Funding the development of software tools, such as programs that can

estimate the quality of wireless coverage for different terrains, or

the time period required to recoup the costs of building out networks


* Providing formats and quality standards for the data provided


* Publicizing successful initiatives, the tools they used, and their

best practices



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