Between Federal Agencies

Link Federal Agency Collaboration to creating Coherent Public Participation Frameworks

Many different federal agencies work on common issue areas. DOJ, Labor, HHS, Education, and others,for example, work on similar youth issues. In community, agency #1 may be trying to prevent juvenile delinquency while agency #2 is working on teen pregnancy prevention and agency #3 is working on youth employment (which is often an possible strategy for the work of agency #1 and #2). Each agency will require its own public participation and local collaboration strategy. Sometimes, these are completely separate siloed processes in the same community. That is a waste of effort and makes it virtually impossible to develop an integrated strategy.


For key target areas (e.g., disconnected youth, livable communities, regional planning, etc.), each agency with relevant funding programs should be required to join with other agencies with relevant funding programs to streamline regulations, support unified public participation frameworks, and, in general, promote progress toward a shared set of outcomes.



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