Limit IT Choices

Isn't it great we have so many programming languages to choose from? Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Cold Fusion, Ruby, Flash, Javascript, Silverlight and on and on. I say No. Humans have been building houses since mankind has existed and the chances of you getting a home delivered on time are very slim - there is too much unecessary choice and change. Blueprints are not re-used. Building software suffers from many of the same issues. Too much choice. Let the commercial world play with endless choice and the management of that and have the tax payers benefit from standards.


As an example, the government could standardize on PHP and Postgresql. All custom developed software could be done by way of a controlled, tested code library. All advanced user interface could be developed usign Prototype's Javascript Library (or whatever). Anyone that wanted to deviate would have to navigate through your typical government bureaucracy - and it should be very hard to deviate. The same would go for all IT decisions. Why do we ask that the taxpayers pay for extensive COTS analysis efforts for problems that are not really unique from agency to agency and have those efforts yield a slew of different outcomes. EMC, IBM, Microsoft, OpenText, Oracle all make CMS systems that really don't interoperate. Should we allow a branch of the Department of Treasury to run EMC and branch in the Department of State another? Worse yet, two different branches in Treasury running two different CMS products on different OS's, etc., etc.



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