Legal & Policy Challenges

Legal accountability- lack checks/balances hurts everything

Highly credible research from multiple sources proves legal system is out of control, no matter the topic. We need sustained nat'l dialogue to develop workable limits re tons of issues such as grounds for suit,reasonable time frames& final awards,transparency in court to stop unfair practices, ETC! It's amazing that "judicial hellholes" exist around the country. FL #2 said 1/3 bus. excess costs due to legal abuse and 1/10 out of business. Of 766 complaints vs fed. judges in 1 yr, ONE got sanctioned. Defensive med. & med. sutis, etc add $1 Trillion-'09 book by atty P.Howard. Divorce& family courts- ridiculous costs, some dangerous custody. nationally extremely difficult to get judges even recused (step down) from a given case. Etc. I'm out of time. I do lots public advocacy- masters in Hlth Advocacy & Math, member several Who's Whos, Exec. Dir nat'l Advisory Bd. to Nat'l Coalition for Family Justice. See blog-



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