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Lack of Administrative Unity on Open Government--Vigilance is Necessary

From Air Force One press briefing, June 11. THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ________________________________________________ For Immediate Release June 11, 2009 PRESS GAGGLE BY DEPUTY PRESS SECRETARY BILL BURTON Aboard Air Force One En route Green Bay, Wisconsin 11:10 A.M. CDT MR. BURTON: When we land the President will be greeted on arrival by Governor Doyle, Congressman Kagan, and Mayors Schmitt and Barrettt of Green Bay and Milwaukee. At the high school he'll be greeted by the school superintendent, Gregg Mass, and Principal Brian Davis and his wife, Dawn, and their four daughters. He'll have a couple of small meetings, one before and one after, with grassroots activists and local political leaders. A couple facts about Wisconsin and Green Bay: In Green Bay unemployment is at 8.4 percent; Wisconsin as a whole, 8.6 percent; Green Bay has lost 5,400 jobs since December of '07. Wisconsin is a state, 137,500; and the rate of uninsured in Wisconsin is 8.5 percent. Q I'm sorry, I didn't hear that. MR. BURTON: It's 8.5 percent. I thought you had that in your story today. I guess not. Q The activists that he's meeting with afterwards, how long will that be and who are they? -------------------Below MR. BURTON: It'll be pretty fast. It will be about 10 to 15 minutes and that's beforehand. They're just local grassroots activists -- he does it at most of these stops, just a normal meeting. The meeting afterwards are leaders -- I don't have the full list with me, but it includes the Lieutenant Governor, Barbara Lawton and some others. Q I'm sorry, activists on health care that he's meeting with before? MR. BURTON: No, no, no, just local grassroots activists, people who are involved in the community in different ways. -----------------Above This is a demonstration of the actual thought processes in the Administrative Ranks. Until they are actually committed to Open Government, there won't be one no matter what Obama says. Continue to press for Open Government and point out these weaknesses in the support for it.



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