Labor Law Reform

Of course Congress should pass the Employee Free Choice Act, but beyond that the Obama Administration should get behind its original campaign promise and pressure Congress to pass the Act.


But that is only the beginning for real labor law reform. Next, all the provisions of the Taft Hartley Law still in force should be repealed.


That would include legalizing common situs picketing and legalizing all of the following types of strikes:


wildcat strikes

jurisdictional strikes

solidarity strikes

sympathy strikes and secondary boycotts

political strikes


Also, the so-called "right to work" provisions allowing some states to outlaw union shops should be repealed.


The right of the federal government to enjoin strikes should be repealed.


The right to unionize should be extended to supervisors, lower management personnel, agricultural workers, independent contractors such as cab drivers and all other workers not presently covered under the National Labor Relations Act.


The minimum wage law should be changed to a living wage law, guaranteeing all workers the right to a livable income pegged to the cost of living.


Free birth to grave medical care, including pharmaceuticals, eye care, psychiatric care, dental care and alternative treatments such as chiropractic should be made available to every resident of the United States. Everybody in, nobody out.


Free public education should be available to every resident of the United States from infancy through graduate school.



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