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Making Government Operations More Open

Is there a Satanic Connection between the devil and Obama?

By David Craig Mastrianni

© 2009


It would certainly seem that anyone that was able to become the president of the United States without having to submit proof that he is or was a natural born citizen of the USA, would have to have connections higher up than some lawyers, media, judges, and other demon-cratic senators.


I believe that Obama is directly influence by Satan and that Satan supernaturally helped Obama become president through deception.


The Hawaiian Certificate of live birth that Obama is and has presented as proof of his American birth, was only given to people born in foreign countries in 1962, the year Obama was born.


You better think twice before you continue to stand behind any person that is getting his mandates and instructions from Satan.


I think it’s pretty obvious that God is allowing Obama to be president for a season and for a reason. I don’t question God, so the best way to respond to all of the Obama deception, is just to trust God that his plan is the best for all man-kind.



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