Training and Development

Increase teacher pay and enhance recruiting to improve our education system

We all are aware of how poorly our nation is education our young people to have the skills needed to compete with emerging countries. Most kids do not attend college and many don't even finish high school. Why is that the case in a world where all the low-skilled jobs have moved over seas? I think it's because the government and media have not done a good job informing young people about the importance of education in our society.


The government needs to take a lead role in changing the perception of education. The first step is making teachers respected in society. Increase the pay to at least make teaching competitive with business and engineering jobs.


I urge every leader in our government to read the book Innovation Nation by John Kao. This book includes some great data on the state of our nation versus other countries like China who are investing in education. I have no relation to the author and no interest in the book; I only want the U.S. to commit to education as a critical element that will enable us to maintain our leadership position among other nations.



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