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About StraML:


Strategy Markup Language (StratML) is an XML vocabulary and schema for strategic plans. Its purposes include:


* Facilitate the sharing, referencing, indexing, discovery, linking, reuse, and analyses of the elements of strategic plans, including goal and objective statements as well as the names and descriptions of stakeholder groups and any other content commonly included in strategic plans.

* Enable the concept of "strategic alignment" to be realized in literal linkages among goal and objective statements and all other records created by organizations in the routine course of their business processes.

* Facilitate the discovery of potential performance partners who share common goals and objectives and/or either produce inputs needed or require outputs produced by the organization compiling the strategic plan.

* Facilitate stakeholder feedback on strategic goals and objectives.

* Facilitate updating and maintenance of discrete elements of strategic plans without requiring review and approval of the entire plan through bureaucratic channels, thereby helping to make the strategic planning process more agile and responsive to stakeholder feedback and changing circumstances, thus helping to overcome the tendency of strategic plans to become outdated "shelfware".

* Reduce the needless time, effort, inconsistencies, and delays associated with maintaining data redundantly in myriad "stovepipe" systems rather than referencing the authoritative sources.

* Enable agencies to comply with the provisions of subsections 202(b)(4) & (5) and 207(d) of the eGov Act.


by Erick Gonzalez

Navy Veteran and Government 2.0 Consultant


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