Legal & Policy Challenges

Illegal Immigrants and Service Learning

Illegal Immigrants should be given legal status with a potential for a road to citizenship, but part of the participation in becoming a United States citizen should incorporate a service learning component to the path for becoming a United States citizen (rather than fines). Service Learning at the municipal, state level, and possibly federal level could help potential citizens learn about how government works and eventually become active participants in our society. Fines in no way have proven to be advantageous to creating better citizens.

1. Illegal immigrants would have to complete a certain amount (bank time) of community service working in the communities where they live.

2. They would have to accrue a certain amount of hours in different programs that would benefit both the community and help the potential citizen an understanding of mechanisms of local government.

3. Program could be extended to current Green Card residents who are looking for or are about to take citizenship test.

4. Fees for citizenship test and application could be waived for approved service learning for low income applicants



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