New Tools and Technologies

I would like to see this internet "Brainstorming" technology become a permanent part of US government.

This internet technology that is currently being hosted by on is used to facilitate brainstorming from anyone with internet access and and idea so that good ideas can be collected and discussed. This brainstorming session ends May 28th. What happens after that? What if someone has a good idea, but missed this brainstorming session deadline. Why not make this technology a permanent part of government to keep it's ears open to the people so that anyone with a good idea can quickly and easily share it ANYTIME. If the idea is truly good, it will rise to the top and gain attention and benefit everyone. I would hate to see this technology be "shelved" and not available after this temporary period.


I would like to see the categories be expanded to cover all aspects of US government so that if I had an idea about technology or green energy, for example, there would be a category for that. For example, suppose I wanted to suggest the government look into funding research for determining the feasibility of using lightning (ie from thunderstorms) as a potential green energy source. I've heard there's a lot of energy in a lightning bolt - I've also heard not so much. I would like to be able to share that idea and see what people think. If the idea is truly revolutionary, perhaps the idea would gain attention of top government officials who have decision making power and act on it, put some research dollars into it and maybe benefit the country. How else can a layman submit such ideas? Perhaps there are ways, but would could be easier?



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