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I used to live in Hawaii...

...and a "Certificate of Live Birth" is NOT the same thing as a "Birth Certificate" in that state. You can check this out for yourself via their own state websites.


I now live in Houston and two weeks ago had a chance convesation with a foreign student who is going to school here for Business. He is from Kenya. I asked him what do the Kenyan people think about Obama and all the controvery about where he was born? He got quiet and smiled a big white toothed smile against his dark skin and said, "Everyone in Kenya knows Obama was born there."


Can I prove his comment is true? No. BUT I can relay the conversation I had to whomever reads this.


If this were a court case - and many are trying to make it so with no success - I'd say the evidence is stacked against our President that he has not been "transparant" with information the American people should know.


I just fail to understand WHY this issue is so hard for him. It seems to be such a "no-brainer" and could make all of these comments go away. Simply produce the ORIGINAL Birth Certificate and College Transcripts with such corroborated information. That's all.


If he indeed was born here. Put my suspicions and seemingly a huge amount of others, based on posts here, to rest.


Be "transparant" with Government informationa as you say you wish to do, Mr President.



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