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I'm from the government and I really am here to help!

I work for a local workforce board and I'm attempting to assist people who have been laid off in finding new employment. In our local area (Dallas/Fort Worth), we have regional offices for numerous federal agencies. It should be a snap to get a qualified applicant's resume in front of a hiring entity with one of those agencies but it is a real nightmare instead. Technology has made it simple to learn about a vacancy and determine everything from SKA's to salaries and it's even simpler to assist an applicant in getting on-line and submitting an application and resume. Unfortunately, that's where it ends. In speaking with staff at the OPM, I learned that there seems to be no real solution in the works. The interviewing and selecting process remains virtually unchanged. It can months for an applicant to even have an acknowledgment that their application has been received, much less hear about an interview. I've never seen one of our customers hired and with the talent I'm seeing coming into our career centers, it most definitely is the federal government's loss. I would love to see a summit of staff from the federal, state, and local governments come together and find ways to cut through the red tape that currently confines us all.



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