Making Government Operations More Open

House of Representative Reconstruction

15. House of Representative reconstruction: I propose that the House of Representatives be disbanded and replaced with an online representative system where each and every citizen has a vote via the web by the proper use of the Real ID card to identify and verify each vote of every citizen. Each citizen can vote, or give and remove their proxy vote to any regional virtual representative that expresses that citizen’s ideals and desires. Anyone who wishes to serve as a Representative to the Virtual House can form an icon/picture that represents them, state their ideals and platform in their description, and publicly account for their voting record in a permanent platform. Bull sessions where each Representative has time to speak to the greater audience concerning current legislation. Those Representatives with the most regional proxy votes will be allowed higher in line to speaking rights to address legislation and introductions. Those Representatives, who attain a certain level of regional percentage of proxy votes, will be paid as a Representative of the Federal Congress. Only those Representatives who have the required level of proxy votes can view, vote and introduce legislation that may be deemed sensitive. This system of representation is a more dynamic and changing system of governance. This system would be a true system of democracy, something our founding fathers never could have envisioned.

Democracy is not stated anywhere in the Declaration of Independence or in the constitution. Democracy is the rule of mob or the rule of majority where fifty-one percent has the right. Democracy was never intended to take an active part in government, it is simply used to dupe the people into thinking they have a say and a voice. The only instance of democracy in our system of governance is that of our vote where the majority rule has a say, in theory. Our government is a republic ruled by laws, where no one is above them and where the law via the constitution is what limits our government and grants freedoms to its citizens. Once our leaders start to ignore the laws and constitutional limits then the republic dies and becomes an oligarchy, the rule of the few over that of laws and constitutions.

Option two: A secondary public opinion data base that group’s interest by congressional regions where the public can express their opinions concerning legislation (present, future, or proposal) for general public and congressional response. Every congressional vote, video public statement, written statements by congress, agreements and arguments concerning every bill placed, must be recorded and assessable via website to the public. This data base of government information must be maintained for all following years. For instance, a citizen access the government website, scans their real ID to validate citizenship, and access all information and discussion of all bills and legislation from past, present and future decisions. Comments by all interested parties to be recorded and assessable. Spamming rules will be strictly enforced and fined. Decorum must be followed, meaning no adult language or expressions. Exceptions to this rule may be allowed.

During the weeks prior of Obama taking office he created a website called where citizens could submit questions to the new administration. Questions were submitted by citizens who in turn allowed others to comment and add to the discussion. Each question had a rating system where citizens could vote up in agreement or down in disagreement to the ideas. The top ten ideas with the most votes where to be submitted to Obama and answered in a public showing of executive caring. The legalization of marijuana was in the top ten change suggestions, but was ignored as politically distasteful to the new administration. This website demonstrated what could be done when the information age meets government. Citizens should have more direct say in our government via public opinion polls and direct discussion and answers of the issues. Those in power generally do not want to share power; this may be the limiting factor in creating a website like in the future. Our politicians’ do not want public discourse on legislation, they do not want people empowered with knowledge, for this would limit their ability to comply with lobbyists whose agendas may be very different than the wants of their constituents. Politicians love the free hand they are currently enjoying with neutered forth estate not reporting any of their actions.



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