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Hiring and Promotion Practices

Hiring practices at our federal agencies need to be open and transparent. Cronyism should have known place in hiring and promotion practices particularly in U.S. regulatory agencies especially those that do science based worked that affects the health and safety of the public. We need to get rid of direct hire practices or make them open for all to see. Everyone should be able to see who applicants are/were and how they compared to one another. Individuals should not be hired on the basis of degree alone; several years of experience should carry the same weight as an advanced degree. The government should also not be hiring individuals with little or no experience at close to and including six figure salaries. Especially when there are other qualified applicants that are capable and willing to do the same job starting at lower salaries. There needs to be some type of exposure of the hiring practices in the federal government especially at our regulatory agencies to discourage and/or eliminate the favoritism and cronyism in both hiring and promotion practices.



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