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Hire people who are qualified.

Obama promised to be a different type of president than any in the past. While he has kept that promise to some extent, here is the major way that has so far failed: he is nominating career politicians into his cabinet. That sure seems like business as usual. Instead of having a former governor in charge of the Health and Human Services division, have someone who knows a thing or two about public health in there. I am sure there are some governors who value HHS, but that doesn't mean they know much about it. Usually its viewed as an inconvenient money vacuum. HHS isn't the only area where this happened. But if Obama was truly innovative, he would have found people who are not politically motivated in the cabinet.


In addition, the application process for federal jobs is cumbersome and not at all effective. There are actually classes on how to apply for a government job- that's a major sign that the process is just a tad ridiculous. The ultimate factors that get considered are minority status, veteran status, has an uncle in a federal job, etc. Not exactly geared toward hiring qualified people. I am all for making it illegal to discriminate, but I am also for having the right people in the right jobs for the right reasons.


Should also be easier to let someone go if they aren't doing the job right. Seems like its so hard to get rid of anyone with a government job unless its an elected position.



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