Have all in government be investigated for any inappropriate monetary spending of taxpayer money

I'm sorry, but this administration so far has become the most unethical and corrupt I've seen or read about in history (aside from Nixon). I am embarrassed that my President would hire white collar criminals to serve in his cabinet and allow the Speaker of the House to lie about our national intelligence agency without asking her to step down like he asked a private business CEO to do. I have seen one democrat after another be called out for not paying their taxes or hiding money, lying about money received from certain groups and organizations, etc. You have Chris Dodd putting into the stimulus that big wigs on Wallstreet can get bonuses after the government forced the taxpayers to give them billions and then he lied about it until being caught. You have Barney Frank lying about his role in the economic collapse with Fannie and Freddie. You have Obey getting billions in the stimulus for his son who is in national forestry. This is getting to be too much for the American people.



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