Making Government Operations More Open

Government Operations Summary

My proposal is for a television or radio show to be produced to summarize what is happening in the halls of our government. This could be three different programs, one for each branch of government or it could be three segments of one program, but it would, in essence be a news program that focuses entirely on the events of the day (or week) in Congressional hearings, Executive branch meetings and announcements and Judicial branch announcements. There should be an emphasis on providing sufficient background for public consumption and for presenting all sides of important issues.


To ensure independence of this operation, I suggest that the government form and endow a financially independent foundation to produce such a show. The shows themselves should be published on the internet for anyone to download and they should also be broadcast on radio and television, such as on PBS or CSPAN. An extended text version of each broadcast (like a newspaper) and a web-site for public discussion should be provided as well.



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