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Goodbye America and Hello Jesus?

By David Craig Mastrianni

© 2009


Today (June 3, 2009) Obama said that America was one of the largest Muslims countries in the world, but just a short time ago he said that America was no longer a Christian nation. When he spoke of a Non-Christian America, he called America a nation of citizens. A generic group of Godless people. When he spoke of America as a Muslim nation he smiled with pride.


I think it is obvious that Obama favors America to be known as a Muslim nation more than he does as America to be known as a Christian nation.


I believe within a few short years the entire world will know who Obama really is. He wants the world to believe that he comes as a blessing to the world, when in fact he is only the handsome one that is crooked. (The meaning of Obama's name)


The world will begin to see that the qualities that he shows will be that of his spiritual father, also known as the devil. The devil or Satan has come to kill and to destroy. The devil is a liar and a thief, and has no moral standards or faith.


If Obama was a Christian, and he surly is not based on the fruit of his tree, you would see Obama having moral standards to protect the life of our aborted American babies;


He would tell the truth about every matter that concerns America and its history.


He would stand with Israel,


He would stand by the constitution of the United States,


He would release his long form birth certificate,


He would quit paying his lawyers to conceal and protect his school and birth records.


He would not allow America to sustain such a debt that it can and never will pay back,


And he would never allow the take over of private companies. (Banks, GM, etc.)


Not only will Obama abandon Israel,


Not only will he give Jerusalem to the Muslim nation,


But Obama will play an important part in Bible prophesy and the end of this age as we know it.


I honestly believe that Obama will become the New World Order Leader by the end of his first term in office as the American president,


Or by the end of his second term in office.


Based on the way he rose to power as an unknown,


And based on the way that black Americans voted him into office because of the color of his skin,


And not because of his moral, religious, or political positions,


I believe America will cease to exist as we know it within the next 12 years.


Within that time frame you will see America as a citizen of the world, and not the nation of freedom and the super power of the world.


America may become the largest Muslim nation as Obama said today,


And America may become a citizen of the world without its nuclear arsenal to protect it,


But one thing is for sure, Obama will have to do battle with Jesus if he wants to stay on the path he is on right now.


You see America is not some nation that was stuck on its super power status;


America has and will always be for Freedom and Democracy.


These same values are what God Himself stand for. Above all things God has given us as humans the ability to freely choose him for eternity,


Or freely choose the devil for eternity.


America has always defended the freedom of others in the world with its blood, even though most of them quickly forget.


Obama, the leader of the New World Order, the anti-Christ, and whomever else wants a shot at taking over this world, better do so quickly because Freedom loving Americans, freedom loving nations, and God has had enough.


I can promise you this time around America that we will not have to lift a finger to help Israel after Obama and his demons abandon Israel.


Michael the Arch Angel will protect Israel in these last days of this age.


And have no fear my fellow Americans, that God himself has already planned before the foundation of time to fight this next battle for us.


Yes it will take Jesus to take down Obama, the New World Order Leader, and the anti-Christ,


And all we will have to do is attend a supper that God has prepared for us called the supper of the lamb, which celebrates Jesus and the kingdom that he will set up after dinner is over.


So in closing, I thank God for Obama, for the millions of black people, even Christian black people that voted for him. I thank God that because of their vote and Obama's heart, that we as Americas and citizens of Heaven will one day live a life of freedom, and a life with no more tears.


I forgive my black Christian black brothers that voted Obama into office, I am thankful that I do not have to answer to God for what Obama has done and will do. I forgive all black Americans for voting for a mans skin color when they should have voted for Godliness. I forgive all people of all colors for voting for Obama, but your day before God will come, and you will have to explain why you voted for late term abortions, abortions, all the lies, and anything else Obama and his people, and his party represent, not to mention anything else in your life that you will have to account for.


I voted for a man that was good and represented goodness called John McCain, even though the world wanted a younger person and even though they didn't care if he represented evil.


I am no longer a republican, even though I have been one for the last 40 years. I will never be a democrat because my Christian faith in the Lord would never allow me to be two-faced about killing HIS babies, not telling the truth, and having not having integrity.


I will live the rest of my years out as a Conservative Christian and I will only voted for a politician that is an Independent with unchangeable proven time-tested Christian values. I will never vote for a republican again unless he agrees to abolish the IRS, and votes to hold any member of Congress criminal charged that lies or that does not protect and preserve the constitution of the United States, and unless he/she has unchangeable, and proven time-tested Christian values.


Thank you to all of the evil people of the world for thinking us as humans could continue to kill Gods babies, to lie, murder, steal, and destroy the good in the world. Thank you for bringing this age to an end. Thank you that for those of us that have chosen Christ Jesus that we will live in paradise with God for all eternity. Thank you for making your eternal choice between good and evil, for the next age will be without the evil people, and the evil one. It was your choice, I would rather you would have chosen goodness over evil, Christ Jesus over Satan, but you have made your choice, and because of that choice, this age of evil and godlessness is coming to an end.


I ask all Americans to take no physical stand against any of your fellow Americans or against the American government. Instead thank them, and bless them for they have cause God to tell Jesus it’s just about time to set up your Kingdom on Earth. Never lift a finger in these last days, but instead bend your knee, and ask God to save anyone that does not already know HIM.


My Christian Brother and sisters, and to anyone of moral character, do not attack or kill anyone that kills or aborts Gods babies. He will defend them soon enough. They will have a chance to choose God and live their life during the 1000 year reign of Jesus. Justice will come to their lives for being cut short, and justice will come to those souls that cut the life short of Gods babies.


If you are in the military you should consider “standing down” from your duties and position. Never fight under a Commander-in-Chief that does not love his country, and will not defend the Constitution of the United States. Obama has already clearly shown the world that he does not love America, or he would not be going around the world apologizing for America. God loving, God fearing Americans will stand behind you if you have the courage to “Stand Down.” If they don’t then ask permission from God, He will stand behind any effort that leads to goodness and mercy.


If you are Military leaders in the pentagon, or the Intelligence communities for America, to the members of Congress that represent America and it’s history, and to the people in our law enforcement communities, do not allow Obama to give you orders that go against the Constitution of the United States. Do not allow Obama to tell you or force you to do anything that is against America, and any order that would render America defenseless in a time of war or peace. Do not let Obama get ride of our Nuclear weapons that keep our country strong and safe. There came a time in history when good men of moral character such as you, stood up against an evil dictator know as Hitler. There came a time that even men and women in high levels said, “we can not allow this man to destroy our nation and its people.”


A special request to Bill and Hillary Clinton, speak up for America. Even though we as Americans have not always seen eye-to-eye with all of your policies, I know you both love America and what it stands for. I would love to see you take a stand against Obama. I would love to see Hillary resign from being Secretary of State, and take on a mission to tell all Americans that they need to stop Obama before it’s absolutely too late.


Live in God America and you will live. Keep the trust and Keep the Faith.


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