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Give anyone a chance !

Some times degrees and experience will not demostrate goodwill and hard work minds. Let people volunteer in government offices. Do not promise anything. Just let them volunteer. They will gain knowledge, they will learn how the system works and maybe if they are really good they may be haired. This would be a good for all the people who are looking for a part time job, that has very flexible hours and do not want to stay out of the loop. This is extremly true for moms. There needs to be rooles in place to avoid the office taking advantage of free work and let people know that there is no garantee they will be hired. It can be good also for graduate to start a carrer. It is so frustrating answering job post where they always require 1-2 years of experience. No one wants to train anymore.

I'm a mom, from Italy. Naturalized american. I was a Veterinarian in Italy, but here they do not recognize my degree and my 3 years of experience in food safety. There is a big need of Veterinarians to keep what we eat safe. Many times when I go in restourants I look in the kitchens and then I leave, they are so discusting. With such a kitchen the restourant will be closed down in Italy. I would love to work here in USA. But first I need to find the money and the time to go back to school (not easy with 2 little kids and the school at 2 hrs from my town) or I need to take a test about all veterinary science (as if I just came out of my university), while I'm already specialized on something very limited. So more or less deciding on my american husband was like deciding to stop my career. I wish things could be different for the future. Like more training on the job.



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