Legal & Policy Challenges

Get the government out of personal / victimless decisions

A growing percentage of the population feels spied upon and intruded upon by the constantly expanding government. The government continues to make decisions for adults in the same manner that adults make decisions for infants - this results in people feeling impotent, without personal freedom, and without recourse. This in turn can result in drastic increases in the percentage of mentally ill displaying symptons of social anxiety, depression, and inappropriate outbursts of rage.


Give freedom of choice back to the people! We are not children, and should not be told what we can and cannot do based on the effects on individual health or sociopolitical currents. We want to feel secure in our homes. We want to know the police are here for protection, not oppression. An important aspect of freedom is the freedom to make poor choices and search for happiness in one's own method - provided, of course, that it doesn't infringe on the rights of others.



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