Legal & Policy Challenges

Get out of our way-stop social and fiscal manipulating

o The American people built this country through innovation and hard work.

o The government began manipulating our monitary system and our social identiy and that's when our troubles began.

o Close the borders so that Americans can do the jobs that alien illegals are being given. The open borders are the government's method of 'union busting' on a massive scale. It's working. The unions are busted and so is America.

o Give us back our cultural identity by making English THE official language of the country.

o Make the death penalty legal in capital cases and follow through.

o Give prisoners a maximum # of appeals. If they're in prison, require them to produce SOMETHING.

o Leave our medical system alone. It's historically, the best in the world.

o Stop giving insurance companies 'outs' that allow them to selectively insure property thus covering only the minimum casualty losses.

o Let Katrina go. It's become an fable about helpless people that's being used to rob the coffers of this country.

o Build our military and bring them home to protect us.

o Drill for oil here and use the revenues to work on alternative energy.

o Build safe nuclear plants and build them now.

o Get the heck out of our way.



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