Making Government Operations More Open

Funding New Ideas Pilots

There are hundreds of good ideas!

In industry all good ideas are tested through the R&D process, i.e.: designed, prototyped, the bugs are ironed out, piloted, and so on. In a pilot test, a project is implemented on a small scale and tightly defined geographical location, and run for a time to study how it works, make changes during pilot, and eventually have a final implementation plan, or closed as unworkable.

Legislation on the other hand is often generated by specialists, and special interests; they’re discuss in congress’ committees, pushed by lobbyists, and eventually passed, often without the public knowledge, understanding, or enough information and or participation

This idea would create an agency to fund and oversee the top 50 ideas.

Each idea, including this one, would go through approximately the following stages:

I. Development Stage: Refine the idea, through further discussion with and development of a complete plan with costs and time tables, milestones, as a standard business project.

II. Review Stage: Plan from the development stage is posted on sites for further comments and discussion, and further refinements may result from public comments.

III. Implementation Stage: convert the plan into a physical reality, and run it for the time established in the Pilot Plan.

IV. Final Stage: Observation and statistics collection, and final report to recommend continuation, permanent implementation, or termination.

This idea is immediately submitted as a Bill to fund its Stage I. After Stage I is completed, it’s plan is passed as a new bill, and piloted for a period of no less than 3 years, at which point it begins to fund and oversee the other top ideas. The Originator of the idea is given the funds by the treasury in the increments indicated in the plan... and so forth.


Above any other idea, this one will be beneficial to other ideas, the economy, Health Care, Open Government, Participation, in fact, every category and subcategory.



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