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Free Obama (No Kidding)

I spent the morning reading every single posted idea, many of the comments, and then posted my own five ideas and thought to leave it at that. However, during the mowing of the lawn it came to me. Idea first, then the short explanation Free Obama. Simple, straight-forward, and the ONE THING that we can all focus on to achieve ALL of the ideas posted so far. Right now, President Barack Obama is president in name only. He is being guided, controlled, constrained, influenced, lied to--by whatever attribute one might wish, he is anything but free. He is also, according to one of my sources, mindful of being assassinated if he attempts too radical a departure from the agenda that has been set for him by Wall Street and the four big complexes that own the US federal government: Wall Street fronted by the Fed and Treasury, military-intelligence, prison-slavery, and hospital-pharamaceutical. There can be no more telling proof of the validity of my concern for his well-being that the fact thatupon entering office he immediately abandoned what little status he had given to non-partisan, post-partisan, trans-partisan, and immediately became the puppet of the winner-take-all Democratic mafia who--this is the important bit--place higher importance on keeping the two-party monopoly of power alive, than they do on serving the public. FACT: Obama was elected by 30% of the eligible voters. 56.4 or so of those eligible voted, with a bare majority within that number. 70% of us did not vote for him. FACT: 39% of eligible voters are now Independent, with the Democratic party falling to 33% and the Republican Party to the mid 20% range. FACT: The two party criminal system controls every aspect of the election process and has betrayed the public trust in gerrymandering and manipulating all aspects so as to keep incumbents in power and deny Independents access to debates at any level. FACT: Secrecy in Washington is used to keep power in the hands of those who have betrayed the public trust, from Senators and Representatives to intelligence officials doing warrantless wiretapping and torture, to contractors cheating the military. FACT: I put a memorandum under Obama's door in Des Moines, with the gentle support of the hotel staff which gave me a room next to his despite the hotel being sold out, and the Secret Service detail, to whom I introduced myself. That memorandum told him two things: A) You have to embrace all the parties, not just the two criminal parties. The Libertarians, Greens, Reforms, Independents, and even the Socialists. Diversity matters, inclusiveness matters. Re-establish democracy in America. B) You cannot allow Congress, lobbyists, or Wall Street to set the agenda. You need to have a strategic analytic model that mandates a coherent strategy for addressing all ten high-level threats to humanity across all twelve core policy areas, while doing outreach to the eight demographic challengers that will set the future. Without the model, you will be bounced off the walls. And so it came to pass. In his first 100 days Obama turned into a look-alike of George Bush, "going along" with the idiocy of bailing out Wall Street, surging in Afghanistan, keeping Guantanamo open, and so on. He is not well-informed, he is not in charge, and at this rate he will be the stake in the heart of the Democratic Party that Dick Cheney was to the Republican Party. Who would have thought... So I say, FREE OBAMA. Make it a bumper sticker. Make it a meme. He needs to know that 100% is a lot better than 30%, and that 100% is achievable if he will BE President to We the People, not to those who lied, cheated, and bought (still waiting for the accounting on that last $300 million) the election for him. Captive to others? Right now, yes. BE the President, pass Electoral Reform in time for 2010, and lead America back to its Constitutional greatness as a Republic Of, By, and For We the People. WHO IS Robert David STEELE Vivas to say something so utterly outrageous? Recovering spy, #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, CEO of OSS.Net and Earth Intelligence Network. Learn more at and which was created to give Obama the model. All of my books are free online as well as on sale at Amazon, the three I recommend for citizens are: NEW CRAFT OF INTELLIGENCE: Personal, Public, & Political at COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace at ELECTION 2008: Lipstick on the Pig at with an annotated bibliography of 500+ books on reality I pray for this country every day. We need to reach Obama in a way that no one close to him is capable of comprehending because with the exception of his wife, everyone around him is in love with power, not the USA.



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