Making Government Operations More Open

Free Media Election Time

2. Free Media Election Time: Four to eight weeks prior to any presidential, senatorial, or primary election, free media will be provided to anyone with the required signatures to run for office. Free and equal air time for all those who have the requirements to run for office. Equal meaning same amount of air time for all candidates with rotating order of appearance. For instance, each candidate will have a five minute daily spot on all channels, twice daily, one spot AM, one spot PM. The time slot must rotate as well, so as to not impact a show more then needed. Monday time slot 1pm following Monday slot 2pm and so on. Air time is defined as all television and radio channels. Regional channels will be responsible for local congressional candidate’s air time.

This will not replace the current Democratic Party and Republican Party system; it will enhance the choice that we the citizens demand for these prized and sensitive offices. Traditionally only candidates who generate exorbitant amounts of donations could effectively run for public office. Only those with wealth or those who have sold their souls for wealth, could run for office. This adjustment to the election system will help remove special interests in funding and buying of our political system. This reform would help to open up debate on issues that are otherwise would not be mentioned in the old system of elections.

A mandatory week after the vote waiting period to count, recount and verify the validity of every voter in each presidential election cycle. At the end of this week period the vote will be assessed as to the winner of the election, at that time any of the candidates my dispute sections of the vote where fraud may be perceived. Should an area of the election be determined to be fraudulent then a recount or revote in that district may commence and a further waiting period to an announcement may be initiated. FCC regulations to require free media coverage of presidential and senatorial candidates will be included in their license agreements, retroactively.

The multiple election cycle process. At the eighth week mark before an election or primary election, free media will be provided for all candidates. At the fourth week mark before the election, a public secondary run-off-vote will limit the candidates to a smaller number. The November 4th general public election will ultimately decide the outcome of the election via public majority decision. The discussion to modify or do away with electoral vote system should be determined. Extra run-off vote dates may be decided, prior to November 4 determination.

The monopoly of the current two party system has narrowed or limited congresses ability to be a check against the excessiveness of the executive branch of government. During George W. Bush’s first term of office, congress held a republican majority of yes men to the white house. The Republican Party is mainly concerned with two overriding ideals, lower taxes for the rich and increasing defense spending. Anything beside these two points is a side issue to this party. To confirm this fact, one only needs to ask this question, “Why would the president and congress vote to reduce taxes for the rich, twice, during a time of two wars.” Any sane man would say this is criminally negligent for a war time government to not ask its citizens to make sacrifices for the war effort in the period for which it was incurred in.

Free media election reform would bring in more parties and more debate of real issues. The current two party system produces nomine leaders who stop talking about issues in fear that if they say anything it would only lend ammo to the other side. This is a silly system, where corporate funding influence often does buy votes from a limited candidate choice. The initial caucuses does provide a small range of party nominees to run for president, but this system also chokes’ out the independent candidates because they do not have the master list of party members to draw upon. A grass roots effort only works for the well organized two party system.

The definition of Plutocracy, ruled by the wealthy or power provided by wealth. This is the system of governance we have today in the United States of America. It costs far too much money to run for political office. In order to acquire such vast amounts of wealth, our congressmen must bend their knee, their ethics, and corporate promises to attain the financial backing to run a campaign. The soul that is left over after promising the world is a known commodity, we see it every day on the floor of congress. It is no wonder that once most president pass the Iowa caucus they ditch their platform of ideals and adhere to touchy feely speeches. The less campaign promises to the public the less they get nailed on them later when they cave to lobbyists.



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