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Foreign Service & Military Spouse employment

Partners of serving Foreign Service and Military personnel face a range of issues related to securing employment and maintaining a career as they regularly relocate overseas serving the country in this indirect manner.


Often, very talented people settle with a low paying embassy or local economy positions just so they have a job. In many cases they cannot find work.


This latent pool of skilled Americans can serve our country more effectively. I urge the new administration to consider employment and telework policies that support Eligible Family Members of Foreign Service and Military personnel by providing employment opportunities to appropriate government positions.


Many government positions in Washington and elsewhere can be effectively carried out remotely by qualified Foreign Service and Military spouses. Similarly, the US private sector can benefit from this diverse pool of trusted talent using appropriate business networking such as those instituted by The American Small Business Coalition www.TheASBC.com


Support in the form of access to these positions would provide opportunities to Foreign Service and Military families reducing the strains that often lead to expensive curtailment of assignments or in some cases resignation from the Foreign Service.


I’d welcome to opportunity to assist with improving employment opportunities for US Foreign Service Family Members.


www.TrailingSpouse.NET and Trailing Spouse Network on LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=104868 )



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