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Food Modernization Act of 2009: Preventing Seed Monopolies For Family Farms

The cleaning, storing, and collection of seeds could become a thing of the past according to the Organic Consumers Association. Apparently, Monsanto has been attempting to corner the market on seed sources and patenting everything it can get its hands on. They aren't the only big agriculture company to do so. Basically it goes like this. Farmers sign an agreement to plant Monsanto seeds, the Genetically Modified seeds have pesticides in them. Just before the plants mature, the seeds are triggered to become impotent, therefore farmers must buy seeds every year.

Not only that, they have been suing farmers even if something happens to blow in their crops and alters the original seeds. This is a problem for me as I collect seeds myself. This is way too complicated and unfortunately the word is that there are a lot of senators in the back pockets of these companies. Although we need to protect our food supply, I cannot believe that this topic has not been addressed and studied more thoroughly.

Is it right that the a former Monsanto big wig should be running the USDA? I have a real problem with that. The USDA is not the place for a former Monsanto employee. Only an organic farmer is going to make sure that the pesticides and GM food is not going to be promoted by the USDA. I was hoping for an email address for Michelle, as I know she is also a home gardener?

I have written to my congressman, senators, and governor, and they share the same concerns. Some states are already under the spell of Monsanto, luckily my state is not as of yet.

My say: Make it illegal for private entities to collect, monitor, harass, intimidate, or monopolize on any and all food distribution techniques. Monsanto and others should be monitored and be accountable for these practices, and for their attempts to deny people from quality GM-free seed sources. The USDA needs to find out if there is a way to protect our food sources by distributing organic seeds. The Food Modernization Act of 2009, needs to be carefully written to address these issues.



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