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Financial Punishment for those who HIRE Illegal Aliens

I grew up with a Green Card. I have nothing against LEGAL immigrants. I do have something against people who think that the immigration rules do not apply to them. It makes the rest pay for their misbehavior. However, locking up and deporting illegal aliens has been, and continues to be, ineffective, because desperate migrants have little to lose, and even if we dissuade that individual, there are many many more where he or she came from. The Coyotes who bring illegals into the U.S. only do so because there is demand. They do not generally force people to come here. They only facilitate what the migrant wants to do already. The trick is to reduce the appeal of coming here while breaking the rules. Most illegal immigrants want to come here for one thing - money. If the jobs were not here for illegals, they would not come. The people who hire illegals - the restaurant owners, the rich people who want maids and childcare, the HUGE agricultural businesses, do indeed have a lot to lose. If being caught knowingly hiring an illegal caused them to go bankrupt, to lose all of their property, they would stop hiring them. We would not even need to put the responsible parties in jail, which costs something. We should streamline the paperwork to hire foreign people legally. We need a process for American foster children whose birth certificates have been lost to get legal paperwork, and we need punishment for the adults responsible for these foster children, and who allowed this to happen. We should make it easier to be legal, and a lot worse FOR THE EMPLOYER not to be legal.



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