Federal Regulation and Testing of all Genertically Modified Organisms (GMO)

22. Federal Regulation and Testing of all Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) by the FDA: All genetically modified seeds sold within the United States and abroad must be tested by the Food and Drug Administration and/or other governmental agencies prior to allowing human consumption. Currently there is no governmental oversight of this vital product which has found its way into nearly every processed food product that we the American people consume on a daily basis. The current system is only administered and tested by the GMO producer. There are currently no reporting requirements submitted by said producer that demonstrates GMO products are safe for human consumption. The current system relies on the farmer to declare to the seller as to which type of seed genome that was used, and then the grain elevators sell to the highest bidder; this allows an excessive amount of GMO products directly into our food supply. Cross pollination of GMO corn does infiltrate the genetic stock of unmodified food grains.

The states legislatures should pass laws requiring counties to declare crops produced within those boundaries as either GMO or unmodified. This would lesson the chance of mislabeling and cross pollination issues.

Furthermore, the use of terminator type seed programs must be banned. This seed program would effectively sterilize or neutralize the germ plasma of the grain produced by farmers, hence reducing the genetic diversity of our grain crops. Terminator technology will highjack the biological diversity of whatever type of crop it is spliced to. Meaning, cross pollination to non-modified crops may neutralize part of the crop replanted from prior year’s seeds. Farmers will start to see gaps in their fields where cross-pollination has sterilized those seeds. Farmers will then be forced to purchase seeds every year, thus reducing the biodiversity to an ever shrinking gene pool owned by corporate businesses.



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