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Obama continues to fight releasing any documents that would prove his qualification to be President. I think I understand why.


First, there's the question of where he was born and to whom. His father was apparently Kenyan, a British colony at the time of his son's birth. There's strong evidence that BHO was born in Kenya. His grandmother remembers his birth there. His mother was too young to confer citizenship.


Second, he was acknowledged by his stepfather, an Indonesian citizen. In marrying his stepfather, his mother became an Indonesian. BHO, at 5 would have acquired Indonesian citizenship and was so listed on school records. Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship so he lost his US citizenship - if he ever had it.


Third, he did nothing to regain his US citizenship, if any.


Fourth, he did things such as travel to Pakistan as an adult on an Indonesian passport. US citizens were not allowed by the State Department to travel to Pakistan at that time. This would be considered "an action adverse to citizenship" which would be sufficient to deny him resumption of citizenship, if any.


Even if he were "a natural born Citizen" abandoning citizenship and then reclaiming it would not make him natural born. He would be at most, naturalized. There's been no indication he ever reclaimed citizenship if he eve had it.


Other records which he's been unwilling to release such as university records may well show him as a foreign student.


The issue goes waaay beyond the release of the long form birth certificate, but that would be a good start.


I think I understand why Obama's unwilling to release the records.


I gather Nancy Pelosi certified his eligibility to be President. Now, who's going to believe her???


In addition to his lack of ability to meet even the minimal requirements for the US Presidency he is even now driving the US into communism with what even Pravda describes as "breathtaking speed". Just how many people do you think are afraid to speak up? This has the smell of a communist dictatorship, aided by the remarkable technology we all love.


Will our future job growth be myriad government jobs spying on (real) US citizens? Already there're discussions of US veterans, those with conservative philosophies, NRA members and Christians as "potential terrorists". These people are the backbone and the strength of our country.


Hitler wasn't a German citizen and not eligible to be Chancellor. Now out economy's apt to be heading for the state of the Weimar republic's.


Our founding fathers were correct in deciding that Presidents must be "natural born". Now, how do we get this mess straightened out?





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