Between Federal Agencies

Establish a US Goverment-wide Intranet

Today many US department/agencies (especially US foreign affairs, intelligence and military departments/agencies), and thousands of employees working for these agencies, currently share information and collaborate using a US government-hosted and provided inter-agency intranet known by the name "Intelink-U" (the "U" stands for unclassified, as there is another similar version of USG intranet that handles "classified" national security information that is known by the name "Intelink-S," for it handles up to "secret" level classified national security information).


To facilitate the creation and encourage the use of such a US Government-wide intranet, I recommend that the existing Intelink-U intranet foundation be greatly expanded and strengthened; that appropriate management, infrastructure and resources needed to support this expanding USG-wide intranet be provided; and that the name for this USG-wide intranet be changed from "Intelink-U" to "USGovlink."



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