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Energy Plan

DannyTN's energy plan


The bulk of the stimulus should go to finance nuclear plants so that we could convert to hydrogen or battery in the event of another oil price shock. And hydrogen storage tanks, and car conversion kits. And in making both electric and fuel distribution grids more robust and less subject to disruption or terrorist attack.


The nuke plants would generate returns that would pay for the financing.


The overhead of the nuke plants could be allocated out to normal electric customers and excess electricity could be sold to hydrogen producers for variable direct cost without overhead. That would further reduce fuel costs.


The National Hydrogen Association> believes that hydrogen fuel could be delivered to stations for a cost of $1.20 per gasoline gallon equivalent and that's before considering my suggestion to allow hydrogen producers electricity at cheaper variable direct cost rates.


You could require that all the raw materials for both the nuke plants and the hydrogen tanks come from the U.S. as long as unemployment remains above 6%.


Build enough for at least a 3 state region, and then implement it. If you can really get the cost down that far and demonstrate it, the free market will finance the rest of the country. But if you can't, you still have an alternative in place that can be quickly implemented to reduce oil demand if oil prices shoot up again.



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