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Employment Based Immigration - Increase visa numbers

Can you believe that if I as an employer want to recruit a foreign national (after a few months of unsuccessful recruiting effort to find ANY US citizens for the position), for a very critical position, it takes me 19 years to bring that person on board in Green Card?


Many of these highly skilled individuals are not ready for the "uncertainty" we invite them into in terms of "temporary visa's". So I am forced to wait for 19 years to bring them over for a specific job, where I have nobody available locally.


The only option for any US employer in such a situation is to form an organization outside of US, where the specific skill is available, thereby moving a lot of other jobs from US as well.


I am completely against outsourcing US jobs, but it is not practical to wait for 19 years. I see that the 19 years wait was caused by the very limited number of visa numbers available per year for citizens of some countries.


If America want to remain competitive it is very important to do something about it.



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