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EMINENT DOMAIN FOR PATENTS that benefit the planet.

YOu all have heard of eminent domain where the government can require you to sell your property to make way for some infrastructure necessary for the public good. My thought is that this principle should also apply to technological inventions which would really do the world a lot of good. It is well known that many patents which threaten the business of powerful corporations have been bought up and sat by these same corporations to protect profits.. Automakers for example sat on plans for engines that run on water, for electric cars and bought up railroads and let them rot to lessen competition for travel by automobile. I think it's high time for this practice to stop.


I propose that patents be regularly reviewed and that if it is deemed necessary for the good of the planet or the health of the population that the gov't may buy the patent from the patent holder for a reasonable fee and make the invention publicly owned and publicly accessible information.


This would spur the development of and make available new technologies which would help solve our energy source problems, oil dependence, pollution, and global warming to name just a few. It would also boost the economy as there would be work in R& D and in producing the technology and bringing it to market.


Why should intellectual property be treated differently than real property. If it is needed for the common good, let's buy it at a fair price and make it information or technology available. We need to use every resource we have to resolve the issues we are now facing.



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