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Due diligence and equity in federal hiring

I work in the State Department and have two main issues:


1. RECKLESS HIRING PROCESS: I was accepted with no interview, with a higher salary than needed or likely justified, and I know of others who were brought on in the same fashion--this has to change. A rigorous investigation and set of subsequent hiring requirements seems the very least that should be done.


2. UNJUST CATEGORY OF EMPLOYMENT: The term they use for hires such as myself is "personal service contractor" (PSC); it is not a third party contractor, who works for an outside business, and it's not a civil servant, who is a full-fledged government employee. Therefore, my second recommendation is that the category of PSCs in and of itself needs to be seriously rethought, as we are denied every Federal benefit, only receiving sick time, vacation time, and 50% of our health care costs (I know many who were PSCs for 10 plus years, and are now nearing retirement age with hugely smaller retirement savings because of this despicable practice).


Additionally, we have little certainty of employment because of year-to-year contracts, even though we perform needed services that clearly are desired beyond a single year.


How can we even begin to ask for private employers to treat their employees equitably when we deal with government employment in such an unfair, inhumane fashion? I would implore anyone with the capability of initiating a discussion and/or investigation into PSC use at the State Department to do so, as it is completely unfair on so many fronts.



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