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Drugs and more a more reasonable and reallistic approach.

It's no secret that we're losing the drug war. Take this very website and it's "legalize marijuana" posts as an almost certain truth of that. Anyone younger than 30 can say with certainty that they or many of their friends used and/or abused illegal substances. That being said the money they paid for those substances is almost all funnelled back across one of our borders. This has made way for an incredibly vibrant drug trade in which those willing to break the law, then stop at nothing to get the "goods" to their consumers. This takes a role in other things because it acts like a river sweeping up anything that can turn a profit. So, because the drug smuggling trade is so profitable, it's competition inspires further smuggling. Sex slaves, Weapons, and Humans all get caught in this industry. A family will pay a few thousand dollars to get into the US from the Mexican border, and when they get they're they're told to deliver this package to such and such address. The package is of course drugs. We've heard the routine before.

The point of all of that was to make it abundantly clear that we're competing against very wealthy and flatly evil people trying to get in anything they can make money on.


So, in this case the drug trade and immigration go hand in hand, we need better border control. Much, much, much better.


More importantly, Americans buy drugs. These drug warlords aren't getting paid by money trees, they're getting paid American dollars by Americans. And not just a few hundred of them but hundreds of millions, possibly billions, there's no reasonable way to calculate it all. We're essentially funding some of the most morally deplorable people on the face of the earth by allowing such a black market to thrive.


That is the primary reason why I think we should legalize and tax some illegal drugs. Chief among those Marijuana. The system as it stands works to first funnel money out of the country, then through us ignoring the problem users become abusers, and finally we've not only lost money but a useful citizen the only person getting richer is the drug dealer. I think that drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine should all be taxed in correlation to the amount of governmental healthcare spending their detrimental effects cause later. This takes the industry away from people willing to break the law, this narrows the funnel of smuggling, gives our people the ability to pay to correct the il effects, and most importantly dealing with the problem in a realistic fashion.


It's the only way I see that we can curb our society off of such an addiction. We create a way to be honest about the problems and then deal with them as we can. Much like the Truth campaign against cigarettes. Perhaps we can take from this that prohibition does no work. The only way to co-exist in a world that has drugs is to acknowledge their existence and educate ourselves on all of the effects. We can't simply deny their existence.



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